Comprehensive Treatment Center

Persons with inherited bleeding disorders have been treated at Virginia Commonwealth University Health System for many years. The concept of a team of specialists to address the complex needs of persons with bleeding disorders began in the 1970s with Virginia Department of Health funding for comprehensive care. In the 1980s, federal funding created a larger clinic and team to serve persons with bleeding disorders.

Today, what was once the hemophilia treatment center has expanded to include care for patients with both clotting and bleeding disorders. Both a pediatric and adult comprehensive care team under the direction of Dr. Gita Massey and Dr. J. Christian Barrett serve persons with coagulation disorders.

The Central Virginia Center for Coagulation Disorders provides various services to its patients, from hematology therapy to physical therapy to educational services. The CVCCD comprehensive care team consists of professionals from several disciplines.

Comprehensive Care Team Members

The Central Virginia Center for Coagulation Disorders has a model of care that includes the delivery of coordinated and specialized care. Team members are able to understand coagulation disorders and the importance of diagnosis and treatment. A variety of individuals make up the team and offer specific knowledge and skills to patients and families about the impact of coagulation disorders and how to address the medical, psychological and social needs of such disorders.