Central Virginia Center for Coagulation Disorders Clinic Policies

Scheduling Policies for Hemophilia Clinic

  • If a patient no-shows for clinic, he or she will be sent an automated letter stating that they will not have additional medication refills without being scheduled for clinic. Once they schedule, refills can be given until the appointment. They will be informed that, should they miss that appointment, medications will not be refilled. This discussion will be documented in the patient chart.
  • If a patient calls to cancel, they will be rescheduled for the next available or, if they prefer, they can call the check the week of the next clinic for any cancellations. When they are scheduled for the next clinic, they should be informed that if they cancel or miss clinic, medications will not be refilled. This discussion will be documented in the patient chart. 
  • In summary, if the patient misses two appointments (whether cancels or no shows), medications will not be refilled. 

Scheduling Policies for Mild Bleeding Disorders

  • For patients with mild bleeding disorders, refills and plans of care will be completed for up to 3 years without another appointment.

Prescription Refill and Pharmacy Change Policy

  • Prescription refills: 24 hours is required for all refill requests. If the patient has an emergency need for factor, the specialty pharmacy should direct the patient to call the center so the medical staff can assess the situation and determine if the patient needs to be seen in clinic. 
  • Pharmacy changes: Patients must contact the center to request changes of pharmacy. The center will not forward prescriptions without permission from the patient.

Letters and Forms

  • Please allow 5-7 business days for completion of routine forms and letters
  • Depending on the nature of the forms requested and the last appointment, a clinic appointment with a provider may be required before completion. 
  • For urgent requests, a clinical team member will review the request to determine need. 

Manufacturer or Home Infusion Pharmacy

  • Appointments with HTC staff: Pharmaceutical sales meetings are limited to one meeting per manufacturer per year. Homecare appointments are limited to two visits per year per company. All appointments should be scheduled by calling or emailing Katherine Lane Bains. Representatives should not contact other staff members for this purpose. 
  • Drop in visits: The center does not allow unscheduled drop-in visits from industry representatives and does not accept materials offered during an unscheduled visit. 
  • Materials: The center limits the acceptance of branded materials. Education and product brochures can be reviewed during scheduled industry meetings. 
  • Meals, etc.: Food, meals, or other gifts are not accepted during industry meetings.